10 May 2013

Adakah ini iPhone 6 yang akan dikeluarkan??????

  • iPhone 6
    The only way to create a true edge-to-edge display is to remove the edge all together.
  • The current iPhone 5 manufacturing process while inventive, innovative and stunning, is highly complicated and was accompanied by a steep learning curve for those involved in the process.  The iPhone 6 concept takes mobile innovation to the next level by combining aluminum with carbon-fiber to create a seamless unibody enclosure that increases strength while decreasing weight.  Carbon fiber alone is perfectly rigid and doesn't bend.  Because of this, any hard impact will cause it to shatter.  Aluminum is not as rigid as carbon fiber but does provide some flexibility as it can bend without breaking.  By creating an aluminum-carbon fiber comosite hybrid enclosure, the iPhone 6 earns a 40% weight reducton and 60% strength increase.  It wil not shatter when dropped or dent.  Scrathes are a thing of the past and may upset the aftermarket case industry.  The manufacturing process for such an enclosure has already been used, tried and tested.  Current manufacturing processes can be combined with Apple's friction-stir welding already being used on the latest iMac design.  


    1. Assalamualaikum pijut. wahh peliknya kalau betul2 keluar ni. hihihi. dah pernah pakai iphone. tak best...

    2. wkslm...sheila..sya pakai iphone..pastu skrg ni baru je rosak..setelah 3 tahun pakai.. skrg bila pakai nokia dan samsung..xmesra pengguna..byk benda yg xblh buat..huhu..mgkin dah terbiasa dgn iphone..hehe..padahal dlu sya guna nset cabuk blh ja..xmerungut pun..hehe..skrg ja merungut..skrg iphone dah dead..huhu..malas la nak repair



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